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Company Profile

HASH GROUP is a combination of experience, potential and vision to deliver excellence and create value in the industry. Carrying experience spread over several decades and with pure business acumen, the Group today stands as an insignia of eminence and distinction in the market.

The Mission

To be a model business template in the real estate industry to optimize relationships, services and profitability and to be the pacesetter in real estate project management service by exceeding customer expectations.

The Vision

HASH GROUP aggressively pursue business through innovation to provide exceptional service and to build lifetime relationships with our customers and communities.

The Construction

Hash Group has the capability to carry out construction projects of all levels. With extensive industry level experience along with the in-house team of Engineers, Supervisors and a pool of skilled workers and outsourcing contracts, Hash Group builds strong structures and produces elegant finishes for housing, residential and commercial complexes.

The Marketing

Complete marketing is carried out defining different segments and their priorities to approach. Each segment is carefully set to absorb the product volume and establish the value of the product. The marketing strategies are brain stormed and thoroughly prepared.

Syed Ahmed Hassan Hashmi

The mentor and the nucleus of today's real estate business in Pakistan, he excels in understanding the upcoming business opportunities and he knows very well how to convert them into success stories.
Hailed from a prominent family of business tycoons of the Sub-Continent, he started his career 40 years back and headed The Dawn Newspaper in different cities looking after its Marketing. He also headed a frontline advertising agency in Pakistan for a long period. As he was carrying the entrepreneurship in his bloodline, he started his own Advertising and Marketing Enterprise in Karachi and from that day onwards, he never looked back. Today, HASHGROUP is a Billion Rupees Real Estate Business Empire in Pakistan. A seasoned professional with all the wisdoms and pure statesmanship qualities, he is an institution himself. His guiding and grooming attitudes with soft nature and behaviors with the working members of his organization are always unmatchable. The Group today provides excellent opportunities for career-starters to learn and grow under his umbrella. With a kind and merciful nature he is very keen in carrying out charities on different level throughout the country. With a personality full of love and care, he shines in winning hearts of people at all levels. He creates rules and those become the benchmarks of the industry. He sets standards and those become the trends. His creativity is endless and his imaginations are always beyond the skies.


The Designs

The Architectural and Engineering designs are prepared for submissions to concerned authorities for project approvals. Aesthetic sense is applied in the architectural designs and strength and durability is kept in mind for the Engineering designs.



A trusted name in development of housing projects to the construction of high rise apartment blocks and cottage houses and numerous commercial complexes, Time Marketing has the capability to carry out construction projects of all levels.



onceptualizing, creation and design are the three strongholds of Time Marketing in Architectural and Engineering design services. From high-rise blocks to bungalows and from townships to commercial towers, Time Marketing creates and plans state-of-the-art structures and landscapes.

Meet the amazing team

Syed Ahmed Hassan Hashmi

The Chairman

Syed Sohaib Hashmi

The Director

Syed Osama Hashmi